Provenance- Certificates - page 3

Order Processing and Costs
To issue Provenance-Certificates, it is not necessary to provide the original stamp, letter or Postal History item. To ORDER the issue of a Provenance-Certificate, sending or transmitting an illustration (a photo, photocopy by letter, fax or email) will be sufficient.
The following fee will be charged for a Provenance-Certificate:

  1. A Provenance-Certificate in A4 format, with a short description, at least one proof of provenance, comments on rarity and illustration:
    19 Euros
  2. As above, but with 3-4 items of proof of provenance:
  3. As above, but with 5 or more items of proof of provenance:

In addition: Postage costs per order:
Within Europe - 2.50 Euros
Outside Europe- 5.00 Euro

VISA Creditcard accepted

Please note: Only rare GB-Stamps, letters or Postal History items are included in the CARD INDEX REGISTER. Items which have been recorded and therefore stand a good chance of having a „valuable provenance“ can be found under the CARD INDEX REGISTER.

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