Karl Louis is an expert in expertising stamps from Great Britain 1840-1901. He is a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society, London, a member of the Association Internationale des Experts en Philatelie (A.I.E.P) as well as a member of the Bund der phila­telistischen Prüfer (B.P.P). For over 15 years, he has gathered together a comprehensive Card Index Register of rare and valuable items in classic GB Philately. The records cover auction results for the last 80 or so years. On over 60,000 index cards, there are illustrations, auction or trade descriptions, estimated values or auction results and fixed prices. The Card Index Register can help anwer these questions:

  • When, where and for what price was a rare philatelic item offered or     auctioned ?
  • In which famous collections had it previously been a part ?
  • How many similar examples have been recorded ?
  • How was quality judged in the past, e.g. when offered at auction ?

  • However, not all stamps, letters or Postal History items are so rare or valuable that they are included in the CARD INDEX REGISTER. You can establish which items have been registered and are suitable for being issued with a PROVENANCE CERTIFICATE from the following pages.