To obtain a Provenance Certificate, it is not necessary to provide the original stamp, letter or Postal History item. Supplying an illustration (photo or photocopy by fax or email) is sufficient.

Order Form to be completed

I hereby commission Dipl.-Kfm. Karl Louis, of Adalbert-Stifter-Street 31, 65232 Taunusstein-Hahn, phone/fax: 0049 6128 925880, email: karl.louis@t-online.de, in Germany to issue a Provenance Certificate for the following item:

Stanley Gibbons Catalogue No.
Michel Catalogue No.
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Photo/Photocopy is being sent by separate Letter/Fax transmission   yes email attachment yes
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I wish to pay by Visa Card  (service possible from January 2006)
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Scale of Fees:
  • A Provenance Certificate in A4 format, with a short description, at least one proof of provenance, comments on rarity and illustration: 19.- Euro
  • As above, but with 3-4 items of proof of provenance: 29.- Euro
  • As above, but with 5 or more items of proof of provenance: 39.- Euro
  • Additional Comments: The Information given on the Provenance Certificate documents the body of knowledge from the time of issue, based on a card index register of important stamps, letters and Postal History items in British Philately. The Documentation of Philatelic Provenance is not a guarantee or confirmation of authenticity or quality for the stamps, letters and Postal History items described and/or illustrated.

    Please appreciate that orders from abroad, placed by clients not known to me, are only possible with a credit card invoice.
    I acknowledge the Scale of Fees and the Additional Comments.
    For orders placed from abroad, I agree to pay by Credit Card.

    Karl Albert Louis,